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Submitted on
March 9, 2012


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What does love mean to you? I really want to know :) COMMENT!
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What no one else answers these things!?!
12-Roseonette-12 Jun 10, 2012  Student General Artist
lol beats me
Eh. Ma Cherie you still should text me! Whatever. Ciao~
My question is what is your idea? If you didnt want to read that whole thing it is pretty much saying there are levels of love. Only one for the person you want to marry. The rest for friends.
Hrmn... Well this one is tough... As for me there are many levels of love from care to intimate and good friends.... I truly love each and every person despite their opinions of me or if I feel they are stupid. I do not hate a single person.
As for intimate: In my opinion you can truly only love one person in your life. Many people are alike and you should not date them keep them as good friends and if one day you truly feel right together go all out and throw your heat at them even if you are not sure they feel the same. If they say no it just was not meant to be. The one person you love will not be 100% alike you maybe not even 50% or 20% you may have a few common interests but you might not like the same food shows or sense of humor. As long as you find the person you care for and you can literally feel it in your heart and not your "sex parts" they are the one for you.

As for good friends: Everyone has a hobby trait or personality that someone else possesses too and this is something you want to pay attention for. Now I have good friends who I keep close to me and can trust with my life but I will never want them as a partner in my life. I would love to talk to them every day and hope they want the same thing but nothing more. We have common interests among many people.

As for care: Many people on this world are depressed scared or confused. This is caused by stupidity ignorance or taking certain things the wrong way. Sure it may be a harsh love of telling them to Stand up for them selves or possibly deal with it. But in no way do I hate these people. Also there is the type that you just have to make sure they are okay be a friend though you dont have that much in common. They dont know why your friends but its just another person to be friends with.
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